We provide a wide range of programming. Please explore our programs below.All Justice Programs are based on a Restorative and Alternatives to Justice Practices.

Indigenous Courtworker Programs

Assists Indigenous persons navigating through the justice system in the areas of Criminal, Family and Child Welfare matters in Thunder Bay, Armstrong, and Nipigon courts.

Indigenous Community Council Program

Is an alternative to mainstream court. An opportunity for an Indigenous accused person to accept responsibility for their actions and behavior as it relates to current offence(s), and to participate in a process that repairs harm and promotes healing.

Indigenous Peoples’ Court Program

A specialized court that utilizes Restorative Justice practices with a focus on “Healing”. It incorporates wholistic healing opportunities for participants that are prepared to accept responsibility for their actions related to their offence(s).

The Gladue Services Program (Writer and Aftercare)

Gladue Writer prepares comprehensive Gladue Reports for Indigenous accused persons facing a term of incarceration for more than six months. During the preparation of the Gladue Report supportive services and planning for healing opportunities is provided through the Gladue Aftercare program.

Youth Justice Committee Program

Is a program based on restorative justice approach to justice that includes participation of victims, offenders and community. It is an opportunity for healing and reparation for all involved. Priority is given to offender accountability, needs of victims, and community wellness and healing.

Victim Advocate Program

Provides support, advocacy, and programming to persons harmed by crime, including those currently involved in the mainstream criminal justice system, Indigenous Community Council and Indigenous Peoples’ Court.

Indigenous Bail Verification Supervision Program

Provides supervision services to Indigenous accused released from custody on Bail conditions, including access to cultural programming and referrals to internal and external services based on need. This program also verifies information about an Indigenous accused at judicial interim release proceedings when being considered for Bail supervision.

Pro Bono Students Canada Indigenous Human Rights Clinic


Pro Bono Students Canada (PBSC) administers an Indigenous Human Rights Clinic at the Thunder Bay Indigenous Friendship Centre (TBIFC). The Clinic is a partnership between PBSC, the Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres (OFIFC), and TBIFC. The Clinic offers free summary legal advice and information about human rights and discrimination.

Mental Health Peer Coordinator Program

The Mental Health Peer Coordinator Program is was launched in the Fall of 2021. The goal of the Mental Health Coordinator Program is to provide networks of support and mentorship to urban Indigenous people under community supervision orders as they seek to improve their mental health, reduce any harms associated with behaviours, avoid justice system recidivism, and pursue a Good Mind.