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To develop a sense of Native community in the City of Thunder Bay with opportunities for involvement and control by community members in addressing the issues that affect their lives.

Justice Services

Providing Life-Journey Support Services

We provide a wide range of programming. Please explore our programs below.

Courtworker Program

Meeting the needs of the native people who come into conflict with the law and are unfamiliar with the legal system in an urban environment.

Indigenous Community Council Program

To restore a greater degree of responsibility by the Aboriginal community within the City of Thunder Bay for the conduct of Aboriginal people in conflict with the justice system.

Indigenous Peoples’ Court Coordinator

The Indigenous Peoples Court is a new Holistic way of dealing with our Indigenous People going through the court system.

The Gladue Services Program

The intent of a Gladue Report is to provide information to the court – for sentencing purposes – regarding the life circumstances of an Aboriginal offender.

Youth Justice Committee Program

The Thunder Bay Youth Justice Committee Program is based on a restorative approach to justice. It includes participation of victims, offenders and communities to provide an opportunity for healing and reparation for individuals and communities. It gives priority to the offender accountability, needs of the victims, community wellness and healing.

Victim Advocate Program

The Victim Advocate caseworker provides clients who are victims of crime with support and encourages active participation in the Restorative Justice circle process within the Friendship Centre.