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To develop a sense of Native community in the City of Thunder Bay with opportunities for involvement and control by community members in addressing the issues that affect their lives.

Youth Life Promotions

The Youth Life Promotions program is designed to support urban Indigenous youth ages 13-24 to achieve success. The program is founded on the principles of self-determination and cultural reclamation.

Core components of the program include:

  • Providing preventative support to youth to support better mental health outcomes;
  • Fostering youth leadership opportunities and co-development of programming;
  • Youth Culture Camps: The camps provide youth with access to water and land based activities.
  • Facilitating access to and knowledge exchanges with Elders/Traditional Knowledge Holders; and
  • Cultural teachings, traditional medicines, food education, language retention and reclamation.

Program Goals:

  • Gain access to supports to nurture and sustain mental well-being;
  • Access new ways of knowing, understanding, problem-solving and decision making;
  • Be immersed in Indigenous knowledge and ways of being;
  • Gain access to ceremonies, medicines, languages, teachings and traditional foods; and,
  • Gain access to water and land-based skills and cultural practices.

Service Delivery

Direct-Service User Supports:

  • Supports individuals through one to one service provision and peer counselling;
  • Facilitate a plan of care and if required a case management approach to service delivery;
  • Encourage the participation of two-spirit and indigenous LGBTQ+ youth through inclusive and diverse programming.

Participant Based Supports:

  • Promoting Indigenous rights moving toward self-determination and leadership development;
  • Facilitate sharing circles that include formative teachings and discussion;
  • Transmission of cultural knowledge through storytelling and peer based activities;
  • Facilitate knowledge transfer on traditional medicines and food (use, storage, medicine bags. growing\picking, caring for, and preparing); and
  • Promote cultural language-reclamation and retention.

Culture Camps

  • Culture camps provide community based activities throughout the year including indigenous seasonal calenders (mid-winter, ) seasonal holidays, scheduled breaks and after school; and,
  • Facilitating access to and knowledge exchange with Elders and traditional knowledge keepers.

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