The Indigenous Healthy Living Program can help you achieve your lifestyle goals! This program is taking major strides to help community members to increase their physical activity levels and their cardio-vascular health; to become smoke-free; to increase their knowledge of nutrition, healthy eating practices and weight management; and, to enhance the leadership ability of our youth. While the Indigenous Healthy Living Program will offer great benefits for the community as a whole, it will maintain four key target groups for special programming:

  • Children
  • Youth
  • Women
  • Seniors

Other healthy living programs available to interested community members are:

  • Smoke Free Living/Smoking Cessation

Indigenous Healthy Living Program Objectives

The objective is to work towards achieving the following desired health outcomes:

  • Increased healthy eating habits, including increased knowledge of healthy nutrition, healthy eating practices, traditional diets and activities, healthy weights and weight management.
  • Increased physical activity levels of community members through participation in organized sport activities, physical fitness activities and physical recreation activities
  • Increased healthier lifestyle choices, including reduced use of commercial tobacco products and increase smoke free environments in community and personal spaces
  • Increased numbers of youth who are engaged and participating in leadership programming and positive community activities.

There are 6 sub-categories that will be addressed in meeting the objectives of the program. They include:

  1. NUTRITION- Providing nutrition education and skills to participants. They can include healthy cooking classes, understanding nutrition, benefits of healthy eating and grocery shopping.
  2. SPORT ACTIVITIES- Sports are an opportunity to improve both physical and mental health, as well as social health.
  3. PHYSICAL FITNESS ACTIVITIES- Focusing on cardiovascular health, this component includes exercise and activities that will increase heart rate and breathing and in turn improve physical fitness and well-being.
  4. PHYSICAL RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES- Provides benefits to physical, mental, and social health, and promote adopting a more physically active lifestyle
  5. SMOKING CESSATION/SMOKING-FREE LIVING- Activities geared toward promoting smoke-free lifestyle, prevent smoking, and support programs for those who have quit smoking, and role models for smoke free living.
  6. YOUTH LEADERSHIP- Develop comprehensive program aimed at development of leadership roles for our youth.


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