Indigenous Bail Verification Supervision Program (IBVSP)

The Indigenous Bail Verification and Supervision Program (IBVSP) serves two principals: the presumption of innocence prior to conviction and fair equitable treatment regardless of social and economic background.

The IBVSP Caseworkers provide culturally based supports to Indigenous persons while on a release from custody with Bail conditions. Interviews occur by telephone or in-person to identify and verify the availability of a surety and/or adequate housing/accommodations, etc. that will assist in a Bail release.

While on supervision Indigenous persons are provided with:

  • access to culturally based programs, services, and supports
  • referrals to appropriate services
  • access to basic needs
  • advocacy and liaison services

Criteria: identify as Indigenous, Metis or Inuit

Referrals are accepted from Defence Counsel or Duty Counsel.

For more information or to access the program contact the IBVSP Caseworkers at:

807 345-5840 ext 9064 or 9065 or cell 807 633 – 6071 or 807 620 – 8187