There are three different Courtworkers:

  • Criminal Courtworker
  • Family Courtworker
  • Combined Courtworker

Each Indigenous Courtworker provides opportunities for Indigenous persons to gain access to support systems, liaison services, resources, and information on matters relating to the judicial process. This program provides opportunity for the courts to gain an understanding of the unique needs of Indigenous persons, families, and community.

Courtworkers assist in:

  • Understanding your rights, options, and responsibilities related to criminal matters, Family law (i.e. custody, access to children), and Child Welfare (i.e. voluntary agreements)
  • Access legal counsel and other relevant court information
  • Referrals to Restorative Justice programs
  • Access to supportive services that promote healing

Criteria: Identify as Indigenous, Metis or Inuit

Referrals are accepted from anyone including self-referral

For more information or to access the program contact the Indigenous Courtworkers at:

Justice office:     807 345-5840 ext 9060.

Courthouse:       Criminal Courtworker 807 475 – 7370 or cell 807 620 – 7178

Courthouse:       Family and Combined Courtworker 807 475 – 7371

Family Courtworker cell 807 620 – 6953

Combined Courtworker cell 807 620 – 7357