The Thunder Bay Indigenous Friendship Centre (TBIFC) is one of the “original six” Friendship Centres in Ontario, founded in 1964 and incorporated on February 15, 1968. TBIFC is also the founding member of the Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres (OFIFC) which was incorporated 1971.

Our Objectives

  1. To increase opportunities for Indigenous people to gain access to services such as education, skills development, housing, justice, health and social services.
  2. To strengthen the sense of sharing and belonging by increasing opportunities for participation by Indigenous families and community members in improving areas of economic, political, social, cultural, educational and recreational life in Thunder Bay.
  3. To improve the image of Indigenous people in Thunder Bay as a strong, independent and self-sufficient community by developing a strong sense of community spirit and community responsibility amongst Indigenous people.
  4. To develop a strong sense of pride amongst Indigenous people based on a good understanding of our culture, traditions and values.
  5. To provide opportunities for Indigenous youth in Thunder Bay to develop their skills and leadership potentials and to increase their understanding of Indigenous culture, traditions and values.
  6. To develop facilities that will promote a positive Indigenous identity and provide opportunities for participation in community social, recreational and cultural activities.

Board of Directors

Tamara Spence

Derek West

Sally Ledger

Christina Michon

Beth Ponka

Ann Magiskan

Lindy Sportak

Keira Essex
Youth Director

Athena Hudson
Youth Director

Vision Statement

A welcoming Indigenous community that nurtures healing, culture, traditions and self-determination.

Mission Statement

Rooted in culture, the Thunder Bay Indigenous Friendship Centre strengthens the lives of Indigenous people by providing holistic supports, services and advocacy.