Waabogonee translated means; flower that wakes up in the morning and blossoms throughout the day.

Waabogonee EarlyON Child and Family Centre provides environments that engages parents and caregivers as co-learners and leaders in influencing positive child, family and community experiences and outcomes.

Given that a sense of identity is the path to wellness,cultural elements are essential in the deliverables of the program, including access to land and water-based learning, cultural knowledge keepers, traditional songs, stories, crafts, and foods, historical perspectives on raising children; parenting skills, and community development.

Our culturally responsible programming supports Thunder Bay Indigenous Friendship Centre’s vision of assisting all children and their families in learning, growing and deepening their connections.  Children and family relationships grow stronger and more resilient through our strength-based and community empowered approaches.


COVID-19 Notice

Due to COVID-19, we are currently offering virtual programming via free conference, and outdoor play experiences for families with children ages 0-6. If you would like to pre-register or access these programs, please email jade.christian@tbifc.ca. You can also pre-register by calling the EarlyON centre at (807) 767-2512.  Click on the calendar of events for EarlyON to see monthly programming.

Calendar of Events for EarlyON