Give a Gift with a Difference!

We as a community are measured by how we treat those among us who are most vulnerable. Many of our community members understand too well the difficulty of living within extremely limited resources.

The Thunder Bay Indigenous Friendship Centre strives to support people in their journey and provides resources and tangible services that help off-set some of these barriers.



Your donation can support these needs. For example, your contribution could provide assistance by:

  • Helping feed babies and children through milk vouchers, formula, baby food, and community kitchens;
  • Supporting hundreds of children and community members through the annual Children’s Christmas Party and Feast;
  • Enabling transportation services for those living with chronic conditions to attend programs and services, and reduce isolation;
  • Creating cultural and recreational opportunities for youth and their families, including active dances, fitness events, after-school programs and services;
  • Feeding bellies with healthy produce through Good Food Box purchases and deliveries;
  • Providing school supplies and school lunches for children and youth;
  • Supplementing the Food Cupboard with groceries for community members;
  • Purchasing tangible supports for community members facing a crisis or experiencing homelessness.

Please note: the examples listed above are intended as examples, not specific purchases.

Every donation you make will go directly to helping your Friendship Centre support children, youth, families and seniors.

The Thunder Bay Indigenous Friendship Centre is a non-profit organization and have a charitable number. Tax receipts for donations will be issued.

To learn more, please email us at or call us at 807-345-5840. Meegwetch!